Ada Jones & Len Spencer - Ragtime Recording Artists

(Excerpt taken from Early Record Catalog)

No series of records in any catalog have given more innocent pleasure than those by Miss Ada Jones and Mr. Len Spencer. Miss Jones work includes: the quaint German, Irish, Italian vaudeville specialties of Jones & Spencer, popular songs of the day and duets with Mr. Billy Murray. Whether Miss Jones impersonation be that of a wench, a little German maiden, a "fresh" saleslady, a cowbody girl, a country damsel, Mrs. Flanagan, an Irish colleen, a Bowery tough girl, a newsboy or a grandmother, it is invariably a perfect one of it's kind.

Mr. Spencer is a highly gifted entertainer having all dialects at his command. His original sketches have been enjoyed by countless hearers in the last fifteen years.

NOTE: The recent death in 1915 of the popular and genial comedian, Mr.Spencer, is regretted by a host of friends and admirers.

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