Murray K. Hill - Ragtime Recording Artist

(Excerpt taken from Early Historical Archives)

Murray K. Hill's career dates back to the 1890's. He was a prominent vaudeville comedian that toured all over the country. His comic genius is evident thru the scarcely few records that he made between 1907 and 1912. His method of comedy was somewhat eccentric even by todays standards. Thru his use of rapid fire patter, he had the ability to take a unusual situation and stretch it into something that was ridiculously funny. His comic songs that were also part of his routine were also very amusing. Mr. Hill's stage presence alone must have sent the audience into wild hysterics. He resembled a typical Flim-Flam man with a long shabby coat and a crumbled top hat. An interesting note on his recordings - the same title that Mr. Hill would record for different record companies had different content. This was a testament to his, on the fly, improvisational skills. We are fortunate that some his work has survived.

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