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First on the program will be that famous comedian, Arthur Collins, singing his recent ragtime hit -

The Preacher & The Bear (51KB Real Audio)

This a sound bite from his 1911 rendition. It was recorded several times during Mr. Collins career. Mr. Collins was also part of a most popular comic recording duet - Collins & Harlan- The lyrics are very funny. Listen how he sings about his antics with a "Big Ole Grissley Bear one early Sunday morn"

Mr. Steve Porter just came back from overseas and will tell you of his experiences with:

Two Jolly Sailors(65KB Real Audio)

Mr. Porter's rendition is from a 1913 Edison Cylinder Recording. This funny vaudeville sketch has some very interesting sound effects!

Next we will have those two outrageous vaudeville comics , Billy Golden & Joe Hughes telling one of their Tall Tales-

Whistling Pete(62KB Real Audio)

This is a sound bite from their 1911 cylinder record. Golden & Hughes had a very wild style of humor that is as funny today as the day it performed in front of the acoustic recording horn.

Now Mr. Billy Murray will sing his new ragtime hit -

I'm Crazy When The Band Begins To Play(54KB Real Audio)

Billy Murray was one of the most popular comedians of his day. This sound bite comes from a 1909 disc record.

Mr. Arthur Collins & his partner Mr. Byron Harlan are now returning to the stage to tell you what they found -

Under The Anheuser Bush(59KB Real Audio)

This rendition is taken from a rare 1909 disc record

Well, after that great duet by Collins & Harlan, I'm sure all you gents are ready for a cool brew so we will now take a short...


Our Usher Will Show You The Way

To The Refreshment Stand

As the lights of our newly installed Electric Lighting System start to dim ...

We are getting ready to proudly present :

Our Headliner

Acquired at Great Expense & Long Negotiations...


Murray K. Hill

Mr. Hill will tell you of his experiences with -


This rendition by Mr. Hill comes from a extremely rare Edison Wax Cylinder Record which was recorded in 1908. Mr. Hill was famous for his rapid patter delivery, his eccentric sense of comedy and his unique ability to to take a strange situation and ...s t r e t c h... it to a utterly ridiculous level.

During our intermission, Mr. Collins stepped outside the theatre to have A Hot Tamale. So he has asked if he could tell you of his experiences with :

The Hot Tamale Man(51KB Real Audio)

This sound bite is taken from a very funny 1909 ragtime disc record.

Next on our program, Mr. Billy Murray will tell you of a NEW place that he found to send his wife in :

I Sent My Wife To The 1000 Isles Today(57KB Real Audio)

This song is real RIOT! Mr. Murrays rendition is taken from a 1916 Edison Cylinder Record.

If any of the young ladies would like to take a trip to Coney Island, Mr. Collins & Mr. Harlan would like to invite you in:

Come Along Little Girl Come Along(51KB Real Audio)

This ragtime song is from a rare disc recording that Mr. Collins & Mr. Harlan made at the Zonophone Studio in 1905.

Our lady of the evening now makes her appearance. Ada Jones will tell you of the comic experiences that she had with her husband last evening in :

Put On Your Slippers You're In For The Night(43KB Real Audio)

This comic ragtime song comes from a 1913 Edison Cylinder Recording. Ada Jones was a extremely popular vaudeville comedienne. Her very special dialect delivery in her songs and vaudeville routines make her records very funny.

Ladies & Gentleman! Do We Have A Surprise in Store For You!

Ada Jones just told me that her esteemed friend & colleague, Mr. Len Spencer, is in the theatre!

Let's see,

If we clap loud enough, maybe he will come on stage and join Ada in one of their Vaudeville Specialities!

Here He Is!

Jones & Spencer Will Now Perform For You In :

A Race For A Wife(59Kb Real Audio)

This rendition is from their 1910 Edison Cylinder Recording. A very funny sketch about a jockey racing for the hand of the girl he loves. This one has galloping and horse sound effects.

Special Guest Attraction !

That Famous Dance Team "Helane & Rico"

Will Now Perform A Dance Exhibition For You

Click To View The Exhibition

In our finale Mr. Collins & Mr. Harlan tell you about the place that they will be leaving for tonight in :

When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam'(70KB Real Audio)

This great rendition comes from a 1913 disc record.

Thanks For Attending The Show !

Ladies & Gents - Don't Forget Your Hats On The Way Out !

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